Wednesday, 19 July 2017

KOW: Dwarf Lord on a Beast

This is another creature that should have been on a 50 mm square base and hadn't been, so was not being used. Similar to the Chimera last week. However slightly different in that all the bits ontop, including the Dwarf Lord were all mounted on another bear until recently- that one will need extensive work to make playable.

All the plates of armour are card while the barrel and axe and bucket (why does he have a bucket? - for fish of course) are all hand made from card etc.

The chainmail is made from non-slip rubber matting £1 from a pound shop, got tons of the stuff.

He's not so much a beast, not really terribly fearsome to be honest but I quite like his cuddly feel. Have always liked polar bears and the way things are going in the world little models of them may well be the only way to see them shortly.

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