Sunday, 9 July 2017

KOW: Beers of War Second Draft: the Armies

We played the Beers of War tournament this weekend and a fun time was had by all. I thought I would include some pictuires of all the fantastic armies that took part.It was a doubles tournament and you were encouraged to drink Beer as per the title. Hence I found myself drinking my first pint at 9:20 this mourning!

The Brotherhood by Richard

Mick's  Orc army, my partner in crime.

Ratkin by Ian

Salamander by Tom

Elves by Chris

                                                                      My poor effort.

Steve's Abyssal Dwarves.

Undead by Paul

Kev's Basileans.

Chris's Ogres.

Goblins by Jozef 

League of Rhordia by Rob, some lovely minitures, mounted halflings on dogs, chickens and goats, brilliant. Alternate armies I believe.

Historical, Romans army by Mat. Good to see.

Goblins by Martin

Nature by Elliot

Undead by Andy

Undead by Craig

Best Painted
The best painted army on the day was this Herd army by Ben Casey, beautiful sumptuous browns with soft choclatey tones. I should have been a food critic.

His Brutox was superb. I voted for him.

It was a superb day with some great moments, Me and Mick won 1 and lost 2 games, but we had a great day, loads of laughs and I learned quite a bit too, which I will discuss another time.

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