Saturday, 1 July 2017

Warpath: Markers/Tokens

Have been working in dribs and drabs on some markers to help me play Mantic's Warpath Firefight, which I have played 5 times so far and enjoyed immensely. I prefer to make my own rather than buy those available, partly because I'm not keen on the plastic versions, but also because I like "Home Made".

All the markers so far, still some painting to do but generally constructed. They have been made from lollypop sticks as a base, with cocktail sticks and coffee stirers as details.

The blue markers are to represent Shields, the Asterians have shields 3 and 2, so that is all I have made.

The red markers are Tag markers, certain weapons leave a trace that other weapons can use to target the enemy.

Lastly, these will be Suppression tokens, so I have made 20 of these. Not sure about them to be honest, which colour should I paint them? Red is obvious choice and do I made some worth more than one to try to cut down on the number of markers you need. All to be decided, but next time I play I should have markers galore :-)

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