Tuesday 7 July 2015

ClashOTF: Beasts on Sarin

Deep within the bowels of the Unity headquarters on the planet Sarin an annoying alarm screeches down the corridors alerting Investigator Bix Molko that the crates removed from the smugglers base did indeed contain something alive.  Alive and monstrously large...

Somewhat confused Tyrano and Zilla scattered the workers trying free them, thinking that the buffet lunch had arrived.

Bix Molko and his Unity force, including a medium tank, are sent to intercept.

Finding his bearings Tyrano moves out to investigate these strange surroundings and to look for any more of those delicious, if small, snacks.

The guard move forward, not sure what they will find.

Bix and the tank follow them up.

The Marines suffer a communications break down and stay put.

The Guard enter the first hanger and catch sight of the problem.

They seem large and full of sharp teeth.

The Marines catch up but find the tank has got a mechanical problem.

The Guard along with Bix decide to seek cover in the hanger.

Tyrano sniffs the air, mm flesh.

Normal service resumed, the tank moves forward.

The Guard crew open up with the medium cannon hitting wounding Tyrano.

Then opening up with the auto cannon causing a second...

and a third wound. Bix is impressed, good shooting lads.

Tyrano is reeling.

Emboldened the Guard unit creep forward and cause another wound, very luckily and a heads down.

Tyrano shrugs off the heads down marker and leaps towards the moveable feast, that seems to be fighting back this time.

He kills one Guardsman and follows up when the rest flee.
(missed the stress marker)

Zilla caught sight of the tank that had hurt his friend and decided to bite its long thin nose off!

One good bite and boom, the tank went up in smoke. Bix flinched, there goes the heavy armoured support.

The Guard tried to play mouse to Tyrano's cat.

The Marines shoot down the side of the tank and wound Zilla twice.

Unable to reach the Marines Zilla decided that Bix looked quite tasty and would make an interesting snack.

A snack with a sting however, a snack with quite a punch.
(Error, Monsters do not retreat 3" when defeated in combat- Doh!)

The tank continued to burn, filling the complex with acrid black smoke, the sprinklers came on. Bix sighed.

Tyrano and Zilla turned their attentions on the only target they had, the poor Guard unit.

Eating through all but one of them.

The Marines shot at Zilla, more to get his attention away from the last poor Guardsman, but they managed to wound him again with their pulse rifle fire.

Bix used his leadership to pull the last Guardsman to safety and then shot and wounded Tyrano.

Tyrano launched himself at the Investigator, nearly injuring him, but Bix dodged at the last.

Only to be attacked by Zilla. 

Bix survived the altercation again and Zilla mistakenly withdrew.

The Marines draw a bead on Tyrano causing 2 heads down markers, which he ignored.

He turned on the Marines and slew one of their number, the rest fled and the monster followed up. 

Bix could see his troops in danger and decided to storm into combat with the creature.

In the corner Zilla ate the last Guardsman, mm crunchy.

Bix drove off Tyrano only to be attacked by Zilla.
(Wrong again, Tyrano should not have moved!!!) 

The Marines rally and storm into combat with Tyrano causing a wound and again he wrongly fled.

Zilla did the same with Bix.

Enraged Tyrano attacked the Marines, luckily they took his last wound and killed him.

Zilla killed a Marine, driving off the unit.

Finally Bix despatched Zilla and the battle came to an end.

Bix looked about him, a tank in flames, its crew dead, a unit of Guardsmen and a Marine eaten, some one would have to answer some very prying questions. Why were the crates not fully scanned before they were opened? Who gave the order, Bix would not rest till he found out.

Still suffering from having the rule book on my PC, it was in use so couldn't look up the monster rules, as a result I missed some important bits, like monsters only falling back 1" after 2 rounds of combat. However I learnt a whole lot more about the game, how tanks work for instance. Next game will have a psionic hero as second in command, looking forward to where the story will go next.
Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks Gordon, rather a lot of pictures of cheap plastic dino's :-)

  2. A riveting read, I was sure they were all going to be eaten! Seems Bix escaped a grim fate once more.

    I'm looking forward to the next installment, psycic hero definitely piqued my interest!

  3. Cheers Alexander, think it might be wise to print off some of the relevant pages for the next game :-)

  4. I thought they were all goners, too. Great stuff.

  5. Space marines versus dinosaurs. My friend, you have found CotF enlightenment

    1. Well I did meditate on the story line for some time and decided it had to happen :-)

  6. Nice BATREP.
    Did you play it solo? Do the rules contemplate solo playing?

    1. If I may interject, (I'm the author), there's solo options included. It's more of a toolset than a full AI system.

      If you are familiar with FiveCore, it's largely the same tools, just adapted for D10's.

    2. As Ivan says the system works well for solo play, and yes I played it solo. As long as the combatants have clear targets its fairly straight forward. Glad you enjoyed it :-)