Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Unit Base and Terrain Update

These are the 7 pieces of scatter terrain that I need to complete now. Today I've cut the bases, carved and drilled the holes. Next they need further carving then gluing to the base and stones adding. The glass beads which are angular and slightly pointed were a £1 from the Range.

These are with flash, the first was ....without!

Kingdoms of men, Greeks, blue tacked to their new bases, still need to get all the burr off with sand paper, then I have to decide how to finish them. I put 12 models on each base because they looked too crowded with all 20 on and I think they look OK. Will post some close ups as they get done.

I cut all the bases for the Ogres, couldn't resist sticking these 6 models on to see how they look.
Will be repositioning arms and adding nets to these Hunters.

I cut enough for the archer troops from Kingdoms of men, 4 for the Drakon riders and stacks for all the Ogres I have to complete. Only glad I don't have to paint the Greeks!

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