Tuesday, 22 November 2016

D&D: Feng Galmon, Cleric

Recently I have been involved in a new D&D campaign over at WWarriors games club in Wakefield. Last night we created our characters and will start to play next week. I am really looking forward to playing as I have not roleplayed since the late 80's. We have a smashing group of 5 players and Lee is DM ing.

D&D5e is new to me, although as a teenager I was steeped in roleplay games, really looking forward to playing. Will have to add a light crossbow to the back of Feng when I can. He is made from a GW Elf's legs and arms, with a Catachan head, Ungor shield, Dwarf hammer parts. While all the torso is hand sculpted from GS. I made him to be a Quest character but never used him, so good to see him getting an outing now.

Feng Galmon, Cleric Level 3
ST 15, Dex 11, CON 13, INT 11, WIZ 17, CH 9
He carries a Warhammer, Light crossbow (30 bolts) and shield
Chain armour and Holy symbol
Feat- Tough
Hit points 29
Armour Class 18
(Will post cantrips and spells another time.)

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