Monday 12 January 2015

Plans for Caverns

I am nearly at the end of creating the Caverns set of 3D tiles and thought I would share exactly what is left to do so that they can be used in a game.

On the actual tiles side of things I only have two left to complete then I will be happy. The first is the Lizards lair and the last is the Fungus room. I need to think about these two carefully because I want them to have raised areas, at least the Fungus room needs raising anyway.

On the Tunnels front I have a need to create a sort of bridge tunnel section, I really fancy the idea of having tunnels underneath walkways a bit like the goblin walkways in The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey, and even writing this has made me think of creating wooden walkways and how fun they would look.

Finally I need to create loads more rock sections to be used round the boards to create the Cavern feel of this set and I then have to sit down and make a set of cards so that these board sections can be used in play.

Quick reminder of what I'm talking about.

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