Monday, 15 May 2017

Frostgrave: Wilderness Terrain

For some time now, inbetween painting Vikings and Asterians I have been constructing a load of wilderness terrain pieces to play Frostgrave more on the edges of the city.

So I have been working on some cheap coniferous type trees, some ice shards, frozen outcrops and snow/ice fields. The Snow fields I posted a while back, but here they have been repainted and added to all the other terrain..

So the idea is that this gives me another way to play Frostgrave and also I can see Saga being played on this set up.

The trees were cheap things bought at xmas and rebased with stones added, also added snow to the conifer shape by just painting with white emulsion.

I have quite a few of these GW craters, which, now painted think work quite well.

The only older piece of terrain is the tower in the centre, hence the different colour.

All in all I think it all works OK, look forward to playing on it.

Loads of extra details painted on the snow fields, much more interesting now.

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