Saturday, 20 May 2017

MUMG: Box of Heroclix

I have managed to aquire, via Ebay, quite a crop of what I am going to use as Marvel Universe miniature Game models. They willall need repainting and rebasing, but I am looking forward to getting into that. 20 models for £15, not bad really.

The evil villains.

Storm below and Avalanche above have been rebased, more on that in later post.

How they arrived, all present and correct. 

Mrs Daxio had to have Groot, so he came along.

Electra came free with Groot, while Thor and Spiderman I have had a while.

So whenever I get a chance I will be repainting and rebasing these, could be a while. First I have to make the bases, this is in hand and will post about them later.

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