Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Saga: Last Group of Bondi

 Presently my last unit of Bondi for my Saga Vikings army. Again a slightly different shield design to distinquish them from the other units. I can see a bit of a problem with shield designs, if I ever want to make a larger unit of bondi then they will have to have mixed shields in one group, but there you go.

These shields were a bit easier to produce as I thought about it a bit and really watered down the paint, so it flowed much easier. However, too wet can make your brush splinter, especially if its old, like nearly all mine are.

This is the last group of warriors I have built, there is my Warlord to do and the 12 levi archers that I stuck and green stuffed.

Looking in my bits box I know that I have 8 more bodies which I think I'll make up as spearmen- warriors again, to give some variety. 
I was talking to Mike last night at the Wwarriors GC and he has the campaign rules for Saga, so hopefully I will be involved in playing that. Keep you posted.

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