Sunday, 29 May 2016

Frostgrave: Wall Sections

After playing on Monday night it become obvious to me that the terrain box needed some separate wall sections, high enough to block LOS or which could be used to suggest ruins.

Thought I would include some pictures to show how I made them.

White masonry paint gave the rough snow feel.

I had a length of 20 mm wide hardboard which I cut into 4" lengths and I had some thick card which which I cut to shape and then glued onto the hardboard bases.

Basically it was either make these in the next 2/3 days or throw away the materials as we are moving in a couple of days! I don't like throwing materials away very much, So a quick project to be completed before we move.

There you have it my last project in our current house. Will be a week at least before I post again, if not more as we will be very busy setting up new home :-)

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