Thursday, 5 May 2016

Necromunda: M'vula's Mobsters

Having painted all the gang and named them the M'vula Mobsters, next I have to name all the characters and sort out the list, will post that when done.

I have always wanted to paint an all black army or gang, look forward to playing with them.
Last week saw Laura Mvula singing on Jools Holland and put the two together. Thought about the whole decision for quite a long time as I really didn't want to come across as racist in any way as have many black friends.
When I did a search for names of black gangs online, I was appalled at all the vile names that that I was confronted with, even on wiki- not good. Never thought that gaming people could be quite so bigoted, perhaps that's me being naive.  

I made the mauls from the end of a Tau, Kroot gun, they seemed to work :-)

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