Tuesday 27 May 2014

High Elf Next 500

The next 500 pts of my High elf army will be, a Frostheart Phoenix and a further unit of  19 Lothern Sea Guard. I've played with the Frostheart before and like the way it works with other units in support. Its not a monster that I would rely to attack any decent sized unit alone; to be honest not sure that I can really think of any monster that I would do that with. However because of its special rules I find it lends itself to a supporting role nicely.

Frostheart Phoenix, 240 pts.
This Frostheart Phoenix was home made from scratch, I do this a lot with larger models, a combination of card, green stuff, some plastic jewel things from a garden centre and cork for the base. I just can't afford the prices charged by some companies, nor justify the outgoing to myself, but have great fun making them in my spare time.

19 Lothern Sea Guard, shields, full command, 258 pts.
The Lothern Sea Guard are there to fill the extra needed in core, also I have just finished painting them. These are all converted from very old HE archers from eons ago. Bought cheap off net, cut and glued into position, so they rank up, given shields and spears and painted to "play" standard.

The more mathematical inclined of you may have noticed there are 20 Sea Guard in the pictures, my mistake.

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