Tuesday, 19 July 2016

KOW: Longhorns

So these are the Longhorn units I have. These are the elite of the beastmen type troops or regiments in this case. They hit on a 3+, have both crushing and thunderous charge (1), however they only get 12 attacks which can let them down. 

They really need to be working alongside another bigger hitting unit to make any impact.

My Longhorns are all converted from 90's GW Beastmen, some with added orc arms,but mostly just the originals cut and repositioned. If I remember correctly the tails are made from goblin bows. I added some shoulder pads from GS to make them a bit more bulky. There are a few metal models in there for good measure too.

I modeled the minotaur/guardian from card and GS.

The last 2 models were culled from my left over box and glued onto the base.

Last two pictures show the units with a lick of paint over the hardboard base.

Longhorns the herd elite, can take some getting the best from.

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