Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Chess Clock

Ordered a chess clock the other day for a couple of reasons. Mainly because when I turned up to the Outpost recently for a tournament I realised I needed a chess clock, I thought it would be provided. So never wanting to be in that situation again I bought this Leap model, cost £10.70 including P & P.
(mail ordered from Bang Good)

Another reason why it has become useful is because our club, the WWarriors, are probably going to have a timed tournament along the lines of the Clocks of War event.

Roughly its a Kings of War event where the games get quicker as the evening progresses. Players have a 1000 point army firstly.

First game is 25 mins: second 15 mins: third 10 mins per person.

This makes for some fun and furious games and I'm looking forward to the event.

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