Wednesday, 23 March 2016

KOW: Nature V Ratkin 2000 pts

Last week I traveled over to visit my friend Mick to play 2000 points of Kings of War. We played the kill scenario, my newly formed Nature army V his Ratkin.

Ratkin Army

Horde of warriors with spears
Regiment of Blight
Regiment of warriors
Regiment of shock troops
Regiment of slaves
Horde of Brutes
A mutant rat fiend
A Death Engine
Weapon teams x2
A Demonspawn
Warlock x2 (I think)
War chief
War Chief on a fleebag

Very nicely painted.

Nature Army

Regiment of Hunters x2
Troop of Hunters
Horde of Shamblers x2
Talonriders x2
Centaur Hunters x2
Druids x2
Unicorn with wings
Tree Herder

Nature got first turn and used vanguard to move 12" forward towards their Ratkin foe.

Then took their move, which brought them very close to the Ratkin lines.

The slaves poured through the warrior horde to contact the troop of hunters.

The centaurs are wavered by a lightning spell.

The Nature army close with the Ratkin, The right flank didn't look so good, the Horde of Tree Shamblers were outgunned by Ratkin,

The centaurs darted through the forest hoping to get a flank or rear charge on the Mutant rat fiend.

The second centaur troop are charged by the death engine, this would prove to be a prolonged and fruitless encounter.

The druids and the winged unicorn did a lot of healing and bane chanting, which definitly helped.

I sacrificed the talon riders to the brutes to hold them up.

Over on the left flank the combat with the mutant was going OK. In the next turn the Tree herder joined in and the centaurs got a rear charge, which sealed the Mutant fiends fate.

The Tree herder charged the Blight in the side, then turned back to help with the the Mutant fiend.

The druid healed the hunters fighting the mutant fiend.

The Blight and the shock troops we routed in the centre.

The end of the shamblers on the left.

The mutant rat fiend is under pressure, the tree herder finally gets the charge and routs it.

The slaves rout the hunter troop in the centre.

Nature re-organises itself.

The final end of the centaurs, who had failed to would the death machine.

At this point the game came to an end which is just as well as it was 11:45 on school night!

When we totted up the points it seemed we had a draw on our hands

So very well played to Mick, who has only just got into KOW.


That I should try to make the hunter units a little more elite so they can finish combats quicker.
That another winged unicorn may work better for the same cost as 2 druids.
Try lightning on the unicorns, for some ranged attacks.
That lichen falls off models far to frequently!!!

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