Saturday 28 March 2015

Five Parsecs: Star Ship Boards

Have decided how I am going to represent star ships for my games of Five Parsecs from Home. I had walls already created and really wanted to make the actual floors round which the walls could be placed. So here are some pictures of the first room I have made.

Each is made from a hardboard base, because I have loads of the stuff given for free, covered in card tiles 30mm square, then extra details are added and then the whole thing is painted. Initially I am going to create enough boards to create the floor plan I posted earlier. I will post it again for convenience.

There will be 7 rooms this size, when complete I will be creating furniture to give each character.


  1. As a bonus, would double up as a killer Space Hulk board. Looks great!

  2. Cheers Ivan, really appreciate your feedback. Yep Space Hulk would be possible with them too, will be making some corridor sections in near future.