Sunday 8 March 2015

Undead Magic Cards

Realised the other day that I had never made the Undead spell cards that I needed when we played Quest. So set about rectifying the problem, and within a short space of time had created these.

They are made out of large index cards, cit into quarters and the shapes from an original Quest card. Drawn on and coloured to make them that bit more game friendly.

I really like these cards and how they help in our games: I think I have mentioned before that my roleplay book is beginning to fall apart, so the fewer times I have to open it to look up a spell the better. Yes I know that I could just have scanned the page but the cards are so much more fun and help to remind people of which spells are in play. Also I quite like designing and drawing them out.

Played last night and did we get a chance to use the cards? 
No, Oh well, next time.

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