Tuesday, 31 March 2015

April Challenge

Yes, I'm at it again, thought it went so well with the Chaos Dwarfs that I would give the Skaven a go next. I have never painted a Skaven model in my life, but I am going to try to complete the list below by the end of the month. Which will entail a lot of conversion work as well as painting. I only have access to the original Skaven models and a few Mordheim plastics that I got with the game.

In other words my poses will be limited and could become a bit repetitive, but I think the Chaos Dwarfs were much the same to be honest and it didn't stop me.
So here we go:

12 Clanrats
6 Gutterunners
6 Assassins
3 Warpfire thrower teams
6 Jezzails
9 Stormvermin
12 Plague Monks
6 Censor Bearers
6 Globadiers
3 Rat Ogres. could be a problem
Grey Seers, as many as I can make
Characters, as many as I can manage.

That seems like an awful lot and here are the models I have at the moment.

Yes the only models that might help create the rat ogres are some of my sons old migit wrestlers from the 1990's... don't hold your breath. 

Not particularly inspiring, but I do have another 23 Skaven arriving via Ebay sometime this week.
No square bases, so I have those to make. Also I do have some old Mordheim Night runners, but they seem to have crept away, can't find them at all.
This could be quite a difficult challenge, so we will see how it goes. :-) 


  1. Have a similar but smaller bundle of skaven I kept for mordheim/quest purposes. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

    1. Well at the moment I'm not feeling very confident, but will give it my best shot. Have just realised that non of the Skaven I have, have square bases, so that will be my first job. Time to get the bandsaw out. Will post as soon as I make some progress.

  2. Because I anticipate using these as quest baddies too, they will be getting my standard whq washer bases.

    I use the same on my LoTR orcs & goblins and I have a bunch of magnetized square bases I could stick them on for mordheim use :)

    1. When I first started the project I took a long hard look at square versus round bases and at the time I had very few round and I could cut square bases reasonably easily. Having said that I have seen loads of great looking models on circular bases which have made me question my decision. Trouble is I'm a bit stuck in square mode, so to speak, although I get to use circular bases on my 40K/Five Parsecs models. By the way thanks for feedback/chat Tristran :-)

  3. I hear you - I like washers because they are super cheap and a piece of scotch tape provides something to glue flock/etc. to - the weight is also nice for plastic figures so a little bump doesn't knock them all over the place.

    I play tons of blood bowl and if there's one thing I know it's a huge scrum of figures with arms,etc. all getting in each other's way. I wanted to avoid any issues for dungeoneering so it had to be round bases so they can rotate any way to fit. :)

  4. Yep a weighted round base is a good idea, in fact I've just played a game of Five Parsecs and the plastic models that moved inside the buildings caused me all sorts of problems, they definitely would benefit from some added weight. I might have to glue some washers inside their bases.