Monday 30 March 2015

Five Parsecs: Star Ship Tiles

Completed these tiles this morning, have been working on them on and off for three days now. These are all the rooms I am going to make at present, so that I can create different configurations of Star Ship.

Next phase is to play about with set ups and to create some corridors and furniture, as well as some partitions so that I can create smaller rooms, like staterooms, within larger ones.

My next problem now is that I feel that I don't necessarily need walls to use these tiles, they work like the Quest tiles I make and would probably work better without wall sections getting in the way. So at the moment I am going through a crisis of design. What would you lot do?

All the boards are different in design, no two are alike. Each has been built up using cereal card and rubber webbing to suggest grating.

SS Sulimann set up, will post some pictures of the doors and partitions in place next.

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