Saturday 28 March 2015

Jaccio Militia and Citizens

The next time we play Quest the game should take place in the City of Jaccio and so I wanted to complete three things. One will the city cards I need to make to help generate random encounters as the characters traverse the city, the other is the citizens that inhabit the city and finally the Jaccio Militia that guard the city against, well characters I suppose.

The Jaccio Guard are done by merit of the fact that I am using the Greek models I painted some 11 years ago and formed the core of my Empire Army, when I used it.

Mayor of Jaccio, Lotoon Blossem.

I have had to re-do all these bases as they had been put on 25mm

The cards are only an idea in head at present I might actually make a table.

The citizens are going to based on Celtic plastics from Warlord. Got a box on order.

Ancient Celts: Celtic Warriors plastic boxed set

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