Friday, 23 December 2016

Walking Dead: Terrain Board

Since buying the basic Walking Dead game last week I have been dabbling with creating some 3D terrain to play with on a 2' board. I intend creating some barricades and have bought 2 cheap 1:43 scale model cars which just about fit in with the scale of the miniatures.

Got one more cheap car coming from Ebay in a week or so, no not another sports car :-)

Will make some barricades after Xmas.

Managed to undercoat all the minitures but that's all, ill health has stopped me in my tracks, almost like a "Walker", if only I could get off the sofa, more like a "lounger" I suppose.

Think the whole scene needs some smaller scatter terrain to give the board a more desolate sort of feel.

Yesterday I made a section of road which I have managed to paint and I already had the trees made from several years ago. Same with the bushes.

Edit: This post is a bit mixed up as the road was actually made several days ago but I then got a chest infection which I have not enjoyed at all, so have not posted or done any modeling at all.

Mrs Daxio and myself hope to play a game tonight, if I can concentrate long enough, if we do I will post some pictures.

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