Friday 13 November 2015

KOW: Dwarfs V Ogres 2000 pts

I had a fantastic game against an old friend who has recently re entered the arena that is fantasy games. We played Kings of War, and this was only Gary's second game, which means he will be beating the pants of me in a fortnight or so. 

I missed the deployment shots in all the haste to get playing and I didn't make a note of Gary's army composition, but I will try very hard to recall all I can.

The Ogres:
3 Berserker braves
2 units of 3 Boomers
20 Red Goblins
3 Siege Breakers
1 Giant
3 Hordes of warriors
1 Warlock
1 Warlord

The Dwarfs:
Horde of Ironclad
20 Berserkers x2
10 Rangers x2
Horde of Shieldbreakers
Horde of  Elementals (Bears)
2 Ironbelcher Cannons
2 Jarrun Bombard
Stone Priest 
King on a large Polar bear 

After concentrating fire from the rangers and a cannon the Dwarfs managed to despatch the 3 Berserker Ogres. 

In the centre of the field the Ogres massed for a massive charge.

The dwarfs had retreated a little on the outer left flank and pulled forward towards the middle, not very clever really!

Missed from these shots was the Red Goblin charge, who did minimal damage when they charged but in the next turn the Ironclad killed the lot and they promptly blew up in their faces, causing 9 wounds.

The boomers shot 5 wounds off the berserkers while the dwarf bombards and cannons took pot shots back at them.

Over on the far Left the Giant and the Elenmentals began a long and protracted pillow fight.
Back to them later.

Both lines held, jostling for position, the Shieldbreakers had even edged backwards 2 inches.

I thought I was trying to attack one part of the ogres line without bringing it all crashing about my ears, but my plan was flawed.

In the blink of an eye, the Ogres had crunched into the dwarf line, the Ironclad fell first and then the
Shieldbreakers shortly after them. Two hordes of Ogre warriors can do that, very nasty.

The Dwarf line was shattered, huge holes appeared where there were once stalwart troops.

With only the Berserkers and war machines still working the Dwarfs looked in a poor position.

But it was a combination of war machines and luck which was to prove the Dwarfs victorious

Desperate, the Dwarf Lord struck the Ogre Horde in the centre and managed to waver it. 

More wind and water on the left flank.

Both units of Berserkers prepare to throw their lives away in a monumental display of stupidity.

The Ogre Warlord fails to kill the Dwarf ASB

But due to war machine fire and wavering results, one on a double 6, the Ogres lose the initiative for a couple of  turns.

Although the Dwarf Lord was sandwiched between the ogre warriors, he managed to survive, as the second unit never got into combat and the first was wavered again by the Lord, very lucky. 

The rangers and berserker unit negotiate the right flank.

While at the last turn of the game the giant destroyed the elementals and then found himself shot to ribbons by dwarf war machines.

When we added up what we had left on the table the dwarfs were ahead by 300 points which gave them a very narrow win.

Victory to the Dwarfs.

So what did I learn from this game:

That I was very lucky with my machines, out of 4 shots per dwarf turn I think I averaged 2/3 hits every time- you would be daft to rely on that.
That wavering can be a life saver at the right moment.
That ogres are very nasty when they combo charge, just glad they never got in my flank.
That my units are not tough enough to be left as they are, they need an edge, magic items.
That the Lord on the bear was not a good use of points.
I need to have a Heal spell in there somewhere

Unless I do something about the above Gary will beat me next time, he's like that :-)

We had a great time, a fun game at a leisurely pace that was full of tactical decisions.

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