Monday 6 October 2014

High Elves V Savage Orcs

As I said briefly yesterday, we had a massive battle over at Micks. It was an all day game which went very well and was, as usual, great fun to play in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Each side sported an all painted 5,500 points, which was excellent to see and a pleasure to play.
Micks has been working for some time to create his Savage Orc list, which has all sorts of "savagey" stuff in there.

Here are a load of pictures which highlight the day, I will try to explain some of the pictures, but I won't be going into great details as it would take far too long, sorry.

Deployment, which took a while, even though we were both well prepared.

An important move, which came back to haunt me over and over, well played Mick.

Animosity strikes!

Initial moves complete.

First charges.

Aggressive High Elves charge in.

Silver Helms seem to be sacrificing themselves to tie up the flank, clever? I think not.

Lion Chariots taking a very long time to kill the snotlings.

Stranded Dragon Princes after defeating the Pump Wagon.

Savage Orcs charge the White Lions.

Silver Helms get ready to take the tsunami of green flesh!

The chariots and Princes bounce.

Shooting a Goblin Heroes gigantic spider turned him into a scary Chaos Lord (not really, didn't have model to hand)

Getting very untidy in the middle as the Savage Orcs rampage. White Lions champ did injure the Orc Lord, good lad!

Lions killed to a man after 2 turns.

Silver Helms are no longer with us. I don't feel I used them or the Frostheart well at all.

Swordmasters are next victim of the Savages.

After the Dragon Princes, the spearmen are next in line.

The struggling Swordmasters are surrounded.

Boars and the Shaman on the Wyvern charge into the rear of the Guard.

Savage orc unit survive, champ and standard limp on, brave orcs.

The High Elf Prince takes on the Wyvern.

Swordmasters flee and Savages hit the spears behind, not looking good for High Elves.

Frostheart takes out a chariot....

Seaguard charge back of Wyvern. Cause no wounds but lend ranks.

Spears gone!

Wyvern driven off.

This where we leave it, the High Elves were battered and bleeding.
Well played Mick, very good use of multiple units to pick off stranded lone units of High Elves.
Big things in ambushing mode, excellent!

Mork or Gork was grinning madly this day.

Victory to the Savage Orcs.

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