Saturday 4 October 2014

INQ/Quest Walls

I started production on the wall and door sections for my version of INQ/Quest in the last few days. I had already cut loads of 30mm squares which had intended making the base boards with, but since I no longer need those they have been used for the wall sections.

I have also found a few bits I had made many years ago for Epic, to be used as objective markers. Now, I have no friends who still own Epic models let alone play, so the objectives are going to be used on the INQ/Quest wall sections.

I have made my walls 40mm high and 6 inches long- for standard sections. Also some 3 inches long, to help create corners, T-junctions etc. I have yet to cut the hard board bases to mount them on, will do those next week. I'm going to try to make the sections to a standard template, but with slightly different features to keep them interesting.

I also want to experiment with the terrain I made for Deadzone earlier and see if I can get these new sections to work alongside them. It may produce some interesting effects, not sure yet.

I also intend painting up both the figures to Deadzone and the furniture, barrels and crates etc, that come with the game.

The general idea is to come up with a practice game sometime in the next 2 months, then start to see which rules work and which need altering/chucking.

Not very exciting pictures I'm afraid, but thought I would post how far I'd got at the moment. Will need to make a load more and get them completely modeled and then painted.


  1. Looks really good. I'm pretty excited to see what they look like on the table.

  2. Cheers fettFace, as soon as I get the walls I've made so far painted I'll set them up and photograph them. I'm looking forward to see how they all work together on the board too.