Wednesday 29 October 2014

Dark Elf: Doomfire Warlocks

My version of Doomfire Warlocks

I have just painted these last night, although I began modelling them about 6 months ago. They have sat in a box, not even undercoated till last night. The reason being that I had intended working further on their hair, they definitely need more straggly bits, or volume I believe they call it in the adverts!

These are made from Mantics: Basilean Panther Lancer models, I got 30 of them for £20 which I thought was brilliant. I added some celtic torso's from Warlord and some green stuff to create the hair.

The reason for this move to Dark Elves is because we are playing a 2500 pt game om Thursday and I felt like playing Dark Elves with a Halloween theme. I am not sure what Mick is playing yet, or what my Halloween theme actually is.

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