Tuesday, 14 June 2016

KOW: Skysteamer by Vane Dolenc

Saw this in issue 46 of Ironwatch Magazine from Mantic. Vane Dolenc has written some addendum lists for several armies, the one that caught my eye was the dwarf one.

It featured a Skysteamer, very much like a Gyrocopter, so thank you very much Vane I will be trying out your ideas as soon as I get a chance.

Skysteamer                                                         Monster
Unit Size          Sp     Me     Ra     De     Att          Nv        Points 
    1                   10       5+      5+      5+     8         15/17           190

Base size, 50 x 100mm, Fly, Crushing Strength 1
Bombs - Range 6", 4 Attacks, Blast (D3), Piercing (2)

Flying High: 
Any charge made against this unit is resolved as a hindered charge
unless the enemy has Fly special rule.

Bombs Away: 
This unit makes ranged attacks in its rear arc rather than its front
arc. Measure range and LOS from the centre of its rear edge rather
than its leader point.

This is not the only new unit: he has produced rules for Sappers, a General with shield bearers and and Anvil, so it is really worth a look.

Skysteamer rules reproduced here without permission, Credit to Ironwatch Magazine and Vane Dolenc.

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