Sunday, 31 March 2019

Terrain:Tents and Shanty Buildings

For a long time now, for various games, I have wanted to create some tents and sort of shanty buildings. Mainly to use in Saga, D&D, Kings of War etc, the uses are many.

So I started putting together just that, the impetous being that I had a D&D game coming up where the PC's would be infiltrating a goblin encampment. 

I have no money, so all these were made from items I already had knocking about the house or specifically in my box of modeling components. In other words stuff I have horded over many years.

These tents are constructed from, cereal box card, cat food box card, tooth picks, sand, wood glue   and wound dressing material.

The shanty buildings, I imagine the goblins using these as they are more haphazard than the tents, have a few extra materials thrown in: namely matchsticks, skewers and coffee stirrers. 

Back to the tents and the wound dressing material has been added. I didn't try to get a really even look here as I wanted them to look worn and a bit rough. I tore a bit off, well cut actually, and pasted it on with PVA and a brush. Just like you would apply papier mache, it created some nice lumps and folds, just what I wanted.

If you look closely you can see pegs to hold the tent in place, these I made from toothpicks and glued in place with superglue sprinkled with Bi-carb to solidify. Word of warning, if you do this work in a well ventilated area, its how Luke burnt his face that time.

Painting next, looking forward getting these finished and played with.