Thursday, 19 July 2018

Industrial Terrain

These are some small pieces of terrain I put together every now and then to add to my growing stock, which can be used in a whole variety of ways.

Pieces like these have featured in games of Gaslands, Five Parsecs, MUMG and IHMN, although not very often in the last case.

Five Parsecs in 10 mm,

Gaslands 20 mm,

MMUG 35 mm.

I suppose the reason these get made is because we buy silver foil and cling film for cooking and when we finish a roll the tube is of such good quality that I can't help myself. It gets stored for later use until they build up to a point where something gets built with them or they go in the bin! The idea!!!
Expect to see a whole variety of builds using them as I have a glut at the moment and the bin is calling.

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