Monday 15 June 2015

Walkway Cards

Having made the small set of walkways for use in Quest I have been keen to create the cards I need to run them in a game. All hand made and hand coloured, this is the smallest set of cards I have made to date. I intend the cards and walkways to be added into the Cavern deck every now and then, to add some more variety. Although, to be honest we haven't used the caverns yet, they feature in our next game shortly.

I have also included some set up shots to show how the walkways may work on the table top.

The ladder card can be added to the basic deck and it may bring out a section of the cavern system that turns into walkways. Works in principle, can't wait to see how it works in practice.

Terrain with the cards.

I was quite keen to post some more pictures of the walkways and the towers that hold them up because they had only just been completed, last time there was still a lot of painting and PVAcrete work that needed to be done. All complete now :-)

Add in some more throw terrain to give the cavern feeling and I think these will look fun to play on.

Looking at these two shots here I realise I need something to fill between the tunnel and the pillar with the ladder against it- some loose stones is the answer, just plopped into the space, or some nuts I have from the pot pouri I posted a while back, either would do.


  1. I really love these cards...really nicely done, so full of character as well as a brilliant idea!

    1. They take a while to do, but I like them too, its a neat way to organise the layout of the dungeon :-)