Tuesday 16 June 2015

ClashOTF: In Game Markers

After I had played my first game of ClashOTF I thought that the markers I had used in the game worked well enough but weren't specific to the game. Being a bit of a nerd (a bit!!!) that way I set about making new markers for future games.

These are all made from cereal packet card, doubled over and glued with PVA, then painted with acrylics and sealed with Dark Oak stain. After all that paint they become quite resilient.

Heads down markers. Perhaps they should look more grumpy.

Stress markers.

Kill markers, which are really for me to show who died where in a turn.

Next I will be making some area effect templates for weapons and explosions.


  1. Digging the markers :-)
    They have kind of a tribal look to them, very cool.

    1. I like making stuff like this, makes playing the game easier, but also lends something to it. The heads down marker was very influenced by my Orc wound markers that I made for WFB, They're surprisingly tough little things, being only 10 mm by 15 mm, its all the layers of paint and varnish.

  2. Very nice indeed, might need to make something similar, my use of dice seems archaic by comparison!

  3. Cheers Alexander, they're a bit of fun if nothing else :-)