Wednesday, 6 November 2019

KOW Historical: Romans V Britons

This is a solo game of KOW historical in 10 mm, the Roams led by Paetinus Nolus and the Britons led by Mochta MacEalar, (yes my Britons have Irish names, historically incorrect but makes me happy)

Deployment, Romans on the left and Britons on the right.
It was at this point that I realised I no longer had any trees in 10 mm scale, so the 2 dark green areas that look like scrub I imagined to be woods.

After a couple of turns I came to the conclusion I had set up too far apart, so we pick up the action after about 4 turns. The Britons used their light cavalry and chariots to flank the Romans.

On the Briton right flank the Romans tried to draw out the fanatic horde to pull it away from the main battle.

The fanatics turn and have their eye on the cavalry units.

The Briton Slingers and the Roman Light Cavalry exchange stones and bow fire.

The Britons wait for the Roman centre to clear the woods.

The Roman cavalry wait for the Fanatics to commit.

Britons begin to exit the woods.

Further tit for tat shots shared on the right flank.

Oddly the slingers take out the Roman light cav, due to a great nerve roll.

The Briton slingers nearer the centre don't fair so well, but survive by the skin of their teeth. 
Wavered, so not much they can do next turn. 

The large hordes in the centre of the battle finally make the bold move towards each other.

On the right flank, the Roman Cavalry skirt the fanatics, leaving them stranded.

The Romans being bated by the Briton Light Cav.

The wounds on the Roman Horde come from a load of shooting from the Briton light cav and chariots.

The fanatics left standing far away on the right flank.

The slingers are swept away.

The Briton light cav have done their job and drawn the Romans forward, but they are out of the game.

The main confrontation about to be begin.

On the left flank the Roman horde is surrounded by the Briton light troops.

The fanatics have turned and chased down one regiment of cav, routing them.

After the massive attack on the Roman horde, 15 wounds and a wavered result means this horde should be gone soon. result for the Britons.

The 2nd Roman cav regiment hit the flank of the Briton warrior horde, but fail to rout them. 

Lots of injured units on both sides.

End of the Roman turn, the centre is becoming a mess of injured units.

Other angle. Same scene.

Decisive charges this turn will see the field look quite different.

By the end of the Briton turn both Roman hordes were gone and the Britons, while injured themselves turned to face the Roman Praetorians and the Cavalry regiment.

You can just see the fanatics coming into the battle.

The Romans took a risk here, Praetorians in the flank of the Briton horde and cavalry into the front.

Roman light cav try to stall the fanatics advance.

Despite 28 wounds, over their nerve, I rolled snake eyes which keep the horde in the game for now. More importantly it opens up the Roams to counter charges.

The cav troop do 11 wounds to the fanatics, that's a rear attack for you (triples attacks)

Briton counter charge, can they get rid of the Romans?

A mixed bag of results, the Warrior horde nearest were obviously badly injured so only managed 3 wounds on the Roman cav regiment, but the second horde wavered the Praetorians. Finally the fanatics dispatched the Roman archer troop easily.

This is the turn where the Britons lose their advantage.
Another rear charge from the Roman light cav rout the fanatics, those rear charges really help.

The Roman cav above route the Briton warrior horde easily.

Next turn, the Heavy warrior Briton horde drive the Praetorian guard from the field.

Final shots of the field.

Looking at the final positions of the troops and their numbers I decided that the Britons had narrowly won, but both sides were very badly mauled by this confrontation.

Have to say that Kings of war Historical really lends itself to solo play. In the active players turn all the dice are thrown by that player, so there is no confusing too and fro. I much prefer playing this to trying to get my head round Warmaster rules. Its simplicity really helps keep the game flowing.

I would still like to develop and AI system so that could give a bit more of a feel of playing someone rather than me... because , to be honest, I'm not that much good as a player -)

Finally I'm sorry this is so long, next report I promise will be more succinct. 


  1. I had no idea that solo KOW, or even KoW historical were a thing. Great report though, beautiful pictures and a great read.