Saturday, 12 December 2015

KOW: Dwarfs V Abyssals 2700 Pts Game

This is a game me and Steve played about a month ago, I was looking through my back log of pictures on my camera and came across this game.

This was approximately a 2700 point came the largest I have played with the Dwarfs so far.

This was Steve's second outing with his Abyssal army.

They were always rather nasty as a Warhammer army, so not much has changed really.

This was the first time I had used my Steel Behemoth, so I was keen to see how it would do.

It was an impressive looking battle.

Stand off on the right flank, my elementals were tempted to charge but resisted.

So cunningly I thought, used surge , that will get them in, but no I missed by inches, oops!

It was also the first time I had had the chance to use my King on a large beast, Polar bear in this case.

The battle is joined.

The elementals are out flanked.

I think the biggest problem I had was that my shooting was very poor. The cannons really did nothing. Also the Abyssal's often had Regen, which proved to be rather a useful psychological talent, nearly all the early wounds I caused were Regened by the time the battle was begun.

A big whole appears in the dwarf right flank.

The Abyssal's gain a flank and start to exploit it, good play from Steve.

In the centre the Abyssal's are beginning to get the upper hand, the dwarfs are being worn down.

The Steel Behemoth does OK, but really it is a support unit and a blocker, not good at dishing out loads of damage.

The Dwarf centre falters, then evaporates.

Only the berserkers left, who, luckily, relish death!

Surrounded by Abyssal's the dwarfs go down swinging.... at thin air.

The Steel Behemoth was hard to kill, but did little damage.

Finally the dwarfs were slaughtered to a "man", so I took a few last pictures of Steve's lovely looking army and called it a day.

What, no dwarfs?

Victory to the Abyssal's

A much deserved win to Steve, I will have to think about how I use the Dwarfs, a different approach is needed I feel.
Will discuss that in another post.

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