Monday, 26 November 2018

D&D 5e: CottageWindows

I must apologise as this post has been a very long time in arriving, since being ill I have found it very difficult to get motivated. That aside, these are the windows to go with the cottage, semi plan views I made a while back, I have included a few of the doors as well to show the build up of furniture as it were.

I still have not had the chance to use these in a game, as it has just not been appropriate. When I do I will post a few in use photos.

I made three types of windows, circular, square and lancet, four of each, so I don't have to mix the types often.

 In development are some other bits of furniture to give the cottages some more detail, they are on the way, will probably try to start a more productive December with those.

This whole process has been made that bit more complicated by Millie, the youngest of our cats, sat on everything I wanted to picture.
Little love.

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