Sunday, 5 May 2019

Barrels and Walkways

Built some basic barrels and walkways for my son and his D&D group to use in their games. They were fun to make and didn't take very long.

The walkways are made from, tapers, coffee stirrers and bamboo skewers.

The barrels are all made from Das mixed with PVA for some added flexibility and longer working time.

Looking back on these they could have been better, sorry Tom, so I may have to add some more details before he gets them. Always different seeing something you've made blown up on a screen in front of you. Brings out my critical side :-)


  1. Great terrain for fantasy skirmishes!

  2. Cheers Skully, I like a good skirmish :-)

  3. Very nice work! I like the tip about adding PVA to Das. How did you paint the walkways?

  4. Thanks Barks, the walkways were undercoated black, then overbrushed with a brown matchpot, followed by a cream matchpot, then a bit of a black wash in places and finally some antique oak acrylic varnish all over. Hope that helps :-)

  5. Wonderful terrain and a great tip for creating barrels. I wonder if it would also work with milliput 🤔.

    1. Its an interesting idea, but haven't ever tried it. Das is paper pulp and feels like it would sit well with PVA, but milliput is resin and I'm not sure they would mix well. But having never tried!!! Perhaps i'll give it a go :-)