Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Revamped Dungeon/Ruined Walls

Quite a while back now I realised that the wall sections I have made for D&D were really quite limited in their use and that they didn't really look that interesting,

So in order to remedy this I have been hacking and sticking the originals into new and more interesting shapes.

I've also created right angled pieces to suggest corners of buildings or ruins as needed.

Then I've been working over the card with PVA and sand which really toughens them up,

With the addition of doors these new walls are far more flexible and I've already used them in a game.

Here is the original wall, very plain.

Then cut and glued into shape. 

Finally, as far as modelling goes, the addition of stone work texturing really brings the walls together.

Both sides of the same wall.

To make the brick work I literally spread the PVAcrete onto the wall with a tool, then marked into it whilst still wet with another sharper tool and stuck on the top of the radiator to set.

These I built a while back for Frostgrave, they will be getting the PVAcrete treatment shortly.

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