Sunday, 10 May 2020

KOW: Orc Fight Wagon Regiment

This is another regiment I have put together during "Lockdown" to extend my Orc army for Kings of War. It really is quite a bit of a cheat, what I should have done was order another Fight Wagon from Mantic same as the one above but I just do not have the money.

So I cut the correct sized base and stuck the wagon I did have onto it, then I looked about for stuff I could add. The two Trolls I had made some time ago out of two of my sons old toys, midget wrestlers, and cut some card to extend the cutting blades for the only wagon.

Its not the best unit I have ever made but it will work at a pinch and it will get some play when this all ends.

Again all the tufts are made by me for Luke's APS. These are cast offs.

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