Saturday, 21 November 2020

The BEST Modular Dungeon Tiles DIY Cardboard Terrain

I have been following the exploits of the DMG for some years now. In fact it was his You Tube videos that helped me when I first started creating furniture for my Warhammer Quest set.

So recently he has had a break but is now back creating a new method of creating the play area for D&D and I find it a dead interesting idea.

Having gone back into lockdown here in GB, playing D&D online is the only option. DMG's ideas giving a more theatrical backdrop method immediately appealed to me. While I won't be making exact copies of his work I will be taking his great ideas and applying them to my situation.

The great thing is that I can use the "backdrop" idea for online and live play. Looking forward to trying it out. Will be posting some backdrops shortly and how I am supporting them.


  1. He's got some great video tutorials, in fact his dungeon tile ones has given me an idea on making dungeon rooms for Frostgrave Perilous Dark for some of the scenarios in there!