Tuesday 29 July 2014

The Wharf and it's Denizens.

Following on from my introduction to how we play yesterday I thought I would continue with some of the key places and characters that the players interact with.

Most often The Windy Wharf is a great Location to pick up adventures or to rest after them. It is also where 2 of the most important characters seem to live most, if not all, of the time.

Daxiom Roth Chop is a retired wizard who spends most of his time in and around the the Wharf. Daxiom is a key NPC because it is he who retells the stories of our current adventurers. His name also appears as the title of this Blog, so he is somewhat integral.

So Daxiom has an important roll for all sorts of reasons, but mainly as the conduit for adventures and as chronicler of the groups ups and downs.

The second character is Grisby, the owner of the Windy Wharf in the City of Jaccio. On occasion when Daxiom is not about Grisby takes over his duties, although he is not as well equipped to chronicle anything,
his memory being rather poor. Many years of drinking very heavily and having his name shouted over and over again have dulled his senses.

Grisby, at the bar chatting with Crue.

What all this does is to locate our games in a place that has become familiar. So if something happened, like Grisby got himself kidnapped then the PC's would care and want to rescue him. Makes the games have a semblance of reality and sense, linking the games together, which makes them more fun to create and to play.

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