Tuesday, 31 January 2017

KOW: Goblin Slasher

Having been putting together a 750 pts force for Beers of War, it seems that I just cannot stop.
So day before yesterday I remodelled a giant squig from WFB days into a Slasher for KOW.
This meant mainly just re-doing the base from circular to 50mm square. 

165 points of pointy death, which is not nasty enough to take on big units, but can take out smaller units and add just those few extra wounds as a supporting unit.

I will have to add a little GS round the teeth, thought I might have got away without bothering but looking at this close up I have decided ....no :-)

The Slasher is actually made from GS modelled over the top of a large glass bead. I know this is not a well modelled creature, it is servicable and above all fun. Makes my opponents laugh anyway :-)

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