Saturday, 20 January 2018

D&D 5e: Dungeon Walls Update and 1000th Post

This is officially my 1000th post, imagine that :-)
This is all the wall sections I am going to make for my games of D&D 5e, I think I listed them all last time I posted on this subject, although I don't think I added in the doors I have been making, there will be 14 of those in total.

I have been using lots of odds and ends to create the door feel, to give a bit variety and I will paint some of them differently to give further variance.

The longest, 12" sections.

Doorways, using lolly sticks, matchsticks, skewers and coffee stirers.

The finished doorway and some of the wall sections and what you can do with them. No crude suggestions please. The base is the unfinished cork placemat board I was making for Frostgrave but not finished, I think the walls work well on them.

Well, there you are, my 1000th post and I have to say that I am still enjoying producing the blog and have plans for all sorts of content in the future.

I am always open to suggestions too so if you have a particular "thing/topic" you want me to make/cover then make a comment and I'll see what I can do :-)

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