Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Reclaimed/Re-purposed Boards

I recently spent a few days considering buying a load of different 2 foot square gaming mats to use for D&D. I got as far as making a list, checked it twice, but it turned out that I had been nasty and not nice enough by far....

Anyway I looked at the list, I looked at my bank account and back to the site I was thinking of purchasing from and after quite sometime I decided that it was not something I needed to do. I hadn't realised how many boards I had already, while others I could re-work and give them a new life.


This is the old GW static grass mat stuck onto chip board, I did not make this one :-)

Desert sand a new board.

Mars attacks another new board.

Winter soldiers, a re-worked board. I have another 2' by 4' which I need to cut in half and then decide how I will use them.

Deep blue a new board.

D&D dungeon board.

D&D temple board.

Cobbles and grit. I have another 2 boards with a mix of cobbles and waste land and these I will be completing next.

This last set are actually self adhesive floor tiles, so not made by me. Every time I go to B&Q I have a look at the tiles to see if anything catches my eye and is cheap. These two were about 6 pounds for 12 tiles which I consider to be fairly priced.

On one side is what you see above and the other has the grey 1" squares.

Half and half.

After I had made the new boards and laid out what I had and the fact that I still have 6, 2' boards to complete I decided I didn't really need to buy anything, thus saving the world more junk and my pocket the expense.


  1. That's a lot of boards!
    I got rid of mine a few years back in favour of mats, just for the sake of freeing up storage space. However mats will never look as good as some of your boards do.
    My favourite one in your collection is no doubt the cobbles and grit one but I think it's rather impressive what you've done with these cheap leftover tiles.
    Genius these, though I can imagine they're quite heavy.

    1. I agree Wouter, the mats are a lot easier to store and don't get knocked and damaged, the 3D aspect for most of them is the only advantage. The way I view it is that since I was already storing them and not using them, this has to be better. Singularly they don't weigh too much, as a group they are a storage problem :-)

  2. Great work on these. I like the cobbles and grit board quite a bit, but the most striking is the deep blue, which seems like it could work for space or fantasy sea battles.

    1. I like the cobbles boards the most too and they took so long to make that I sort of "have" to like them. The blue board I do intend for space or sea battles in the future, cheers for your kind comments :-)