Saturday, 15 June 2019

Saga Age of Magic: Lords of the Wild

Well true to form, having said I was looking to create a Great Kingdoms army for Saga age of magic, I set about looking at and organising the Lords of the Wild. 

This is a much larger force than 8 points which is the standard force size in Age of Magic, think its about 11 points in total. 

Warlord mounted on a beast 
Sorcerer on and animal mount 
2 Biped Creatures 
2 Quadruped Creatures 
2 units of warriors with bows
1 unit of Levy with javelins
3 units of Hearthguard 
1 Unit of mounted Hearthguard 

I have loved getting these together and am really looking forward to getting a game going with Mick. I will be looking at the Great Kingdoms next. 

The thing I like about these is that my D&D campaign at the moment is set in the Feywild and so I have been able to use some of these models in that as well.

Will take a load of single and unit photographs in the future and post them so you can see what I have done, as there a lot of conversions in the army. 

Look forward to playing a game with these, hopefully soon.


  1. Many of these models bring back fond memories, I never owned them but admired them when they were shown in White Dwarf. The style is very different from GW's current models, more comical I guess.
    Is that a Zoat I'm spotting among them?
    Beautiful work on all of them, happy to hear they're going to get a second life in a different game.

    1. They are a right mixture aren't they :-) Well spotted it is a Zoat hiding in there. Looking forward to getting a game in, thanks Wouter :-)

  2. Cracking looking warband it looks fab. Love all the Faun's