Friday, 11 October 2019

Projects: Physical and Notional

The way I work on projects is that I rarely have just one on the go at any moment. Here are the four I am presently working through.

Using Das mixed with PVA I am experimenting with sculpting a Hill Giant for D&D, the finer details I intend working in GS.

I do a bit each day then leave to dry.

Some details, buckles and straps will be in GS.

Not looking forward to doing the face!

Secondly I've been making a terrain piece for my son, he wanted an altar, but think I may have really created a temple, the altar will be made though.

I made this in parts so that he can organise it how he likes, I will be making at least 2 actual altars, for variety as well.  

Its a bit rough and generic, which gives it multiple use but then not very characterful, so that's a problem I have yet to solve.

Perhaps there are some smaller sculpted pieces I can add to give more flavour.

Next, the large model buildings I started to make so I could play Golden Heroes or Walking Dead with,are close to just needing painting. 

Notice the upper storey, the windows look more like shutters, thought I would the do the whole build like that till I had done a few...... oh no. 

Two need masonry paint and one literally colouring.

Some extra roof pieces to allow me to creat lower buildings from the upper storeys.

Finally the Wizards, Alchemists, Sorcerers Tome that I started some while back has been given a treatment of PVAcrete to fill its edges and a first hint of paint.

This was an experiment to see how badly the cheap folder might warp and it seems to be OK.

So I will be finishing this off as soon as I can, will be putting maps and "World" materials in it.

That's all the projects on the go at the moment, although I do have a notion to make a 12" box to put Tom's altar in, which will can be used as part of the model as well. So never really finished eh?


  1. Nice sculpting. The terrain all looks awesome well done mate!

  2. All eyecandy this post. Excellent sculpting Darryl, that's an amazing start you've made.