Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Reclaimed Boulders/Rock Formations

These are part of the remodeling work I have recently embarked upon. I felt that some of the pieces I had made were OK at the time I made them but don't reflect where I am now.

I didn't want to start from the start and make them from scratch yet again, I didn't want to waste all the materials used in the initial construction. Partly because I don't have a lot of money or space and partly to save on the huge impact on the environment these are bound to have, every little counts :-)

These will get used in just about any miniatures based game 30 mm down to 10 mm, Kings of War, D&D, Five Parsecs.

The originals were lathered in PVAcrete and then sculpted with a tool to create the marks. The paint was all cheap acrylic emulsion.  

Expect to see further reclamation projects alongside new builds this year. I discovered loads of pieces that need revamping rather than tossing in my loft.


  1. Turned out really nice. Great job!

  2. Cheers Simon, must use them in a game or two now and not forget them in a storage box in loft :-)

  3. Never heard of PVAcrete but looks mighty useful. Excellent terrain pieces, these will come in handy for many a game.

    1. Ha, its just what I call PVA mixed with sand to create a modelling gunk really, perhaps I should market it?

    2. People make money from the craziest things. All you need is a brand and some well placed advertising.