Wednesday 25 February 2015

February Challenge Update

This were I am with the "February Challenge" and I have to say that I have surprised myself, I really didn't think I would manage to get this far. Its one of those projects that gets mulled over and over, to the extent that the modelling and the painting never actually get done. But it is done, so I am very happy.

More challenges may be the way in the future.

8 Warriors
8 Blunderbusses
10 Black Orcs
3 Bull centaurs
12 Hobgoblins
9 Hobgoblin Assassins
(3 to 5 characters) 4 characters so far

Finally, I've managed to make a Hellgrinder model to trundle along the corridors of any dungeon you may care to mention and rend limb from limb, not sure about the rules yet but will get there later.

Will get this painted in next few days.

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