Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Frostgrave: The Living Museum 3 Way

Following on from our first 3 way game the other week we got together to play again. This time we tackled the Living Museum scenario.

The museum being the collapsed home of a wizard who had a thing about statues. Six to be exact with a treasure at the base of each. When a warband member picks up the loot, they have to fight the statue.

Monti's warband .

Serefina's warband zooming towards the objective.

Bill's hiding behind every available piece of scenery.

Serefina's warband reach the statues first closely followed by Monti and his followers. Serefina casts Mud to slow down Bill's warband from entering the building.
Need to make a better Mud template!

The fight begins.

Serefina seems to have cornered the loot, will there be any left for the rest?

Monti's warband surround the statue before the treasure is picked up.

Bill's thief tries it alone.

First blood to Monti and his crew, ganging up seems to work. 

Various statues are hurt but only the one taken out.

Bill doesn't seem keen to commit his warband and waits to see what occurs.

Zombies are also milling about, this is not in the scenario, we thought it would add tension! So each turn 2 zombies enter the game drawn by the activity, 

Bills thug, T Hunter and Infantryman fell the secon statue.

Serefina, her warhound and crossbowman take down the craven carving they were battling, but then Monti's crew storm into the crossbow man and kill him. She drops the the treasure.  

"Right Bill we have some loot lets get out of here," muttered his thief.

5 out of the 6 statues felled, but also loads of soldiers wounded. Especially Monti's thug and infantryman, despatched by Serefina's barbarian, excellent play.

The museum is looking a bit of a mess!

Thieves do what they do best and scarper.

Bill's band grab their second treasure.

Zombies surge toward Monti's archers.

Monti himself grabs the last treasure and legs it watching out for zombies on his way.

Monti's thief escapes.

Zombies enter the building, but find nothing alive to eat!

The last few turns saw all the warbands making their way off the table to lick their wounds.

Post Game Sequence

Each of the 3 warbands got off the board with 2 treasure each and non of the warbands lost soldiers in the campaign sequence, Although Monti's Infantryman will miss the next game and so will Serefina's thug.
Monti made 260 gp and found a Grimoire of Summon Demon.
Bill made 320 gp and 2 Grimoires.
Serefina made 430 gp (I think) an Elixir of Life, scroll of strength and a scroll to summon an Imp.

We had yet another great game, full of laughs and this time my warband survived, so I was more than happy.
Serefina's warband is really way out ahead and has amassed a huge stock pile of scrolls and over 1200 gc.
Our next game may feature 4 players with any luck.

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