Monday, 17 April 2017

Necromunda: City Block!

Having spent quite a bit of time putting together a load of terrain for the WWarriors Games Club in the last week, I thought it only right that I post the whole lot today. I will be playing with this terrain tonight over at the club and will take a few pictures of my new Bounty Hunter gang as they get the stuffing beaten out of them :-)

Two are base coloured grey, one purple and one green for a bit of variety.

I stayed up till 12:00 last night finishing all the base painting and then this morning I finished them off, rivets and manufacturers marks and yellow stripes.

Slightly different set up.

I have also added lots of extra paint details to the walkways, the rivet marks and the yellow danger marks.

I will be making another 4 buildings sometime in the future, but not immediately. I also have a load of scatter terrain in mind, which I will be working on next: walls and containers/crates, barrels on pallets and barricades.

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