Sunday, 2 April 2017

Frostgrave:The Worm Hunt- 3 Way Game

So last night I had the chance to play in a three way game of Hunt the Worm, with Serefina and Son of Serefina. We had a great game although it did end rather badly for Mal, my gang.

Serefina the Witch's warband. Very far away and not very small at all, (perspective)

Bill the enchanter's warband.

Mal the Sigilst's warband

There was a building in the centre where the treasures were gathered.

Bill's warband, a little new to Felstad, held back.

Mal struck forward for the centre. Although the 2 nearest treasures were quite high up in towers.

Serefina's Barbarian reaches a treasure.

While Mal's thief is hunted by Bills Treasure Hunter, how apt :-)

In the centre of the table Mal's Knight and Infantryman despatch Serefina's Thug just as she was about to pick up some loot!

Serefina cast Mud over to the right of the field, it caused all sorts of problems.

Bill moves his warband forward carefully.

Serefina's Thief skips back to the board edge.

Behind Mal's lines the Treasure Hunter from Bill's warband was causing me all sorts of problems.

Bill's archer shot Mal's Infantryman and then Serefina and her hound seemed intent on slugging it out with Mal's Knight.

Bill successfully managed to support his warband with spell after spell. 

Bills Infantryman moves up to kill the archer and Thug from Mal's warband.

Mal's Thug struggles to get away.

Mal, takes himself out of the game, shot by Bill's archer in the back, and then miscasting 4 or 5 times removed his last wound!

Mals' Knight, having slain Serefina's Hound then stepped up to Serefina and laid her low.

Mal's Thief managed to reach another treasure, 2 now.

Finally just as the game closed a worm made an appearance attacking Serfina's Thief, lucky not killing him. We decided that was the end of the game.

Post Battle Sequence

Although only my Thief and Knight were left alive having gathered 2 treasures, Mal's warband hit a snag, Mal rolled a 1 and died. So my warband is no more.

Despite only Serefina's Thief being the only survivor they all rallied with only the loss of the Hound which Serefina immediately replaced. She also managed to accumalate 5 treasures, all a bit too phoenix like for me!

Bill's warband carried off a nice haul and suffered no calualties at all.

All in all a brilliant game, great fun :-)
We are playing a modified version of the rules

1. only a Wizard, no apprentice
2. only 250 gp to set up warband
3. only 5 soldiers
4. Wizard only gets 4 spells
5. All spells from wizards magic type
6. In this game soldiers could drop off treasure then re-enter the game. 

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