Friday, 25 May 2018

Cumbrian Inspiration: Caves...well Mines actually

My second and last group of pictures from Cumbria are of a couple of slate mine entrances which you can walk to across open land. It was quite an eye opener that we had free access across the farmers land as long as our dogs were kept on a lead, there were sheep grazing nearby.

I just found the whole area so exciting to spend time in, it felt like the entrance to so many adventures I had had in D&D or Quest over the years. Inspired to create a diarma of an entrance in the future.

The scene back down the valley from the entrance.

The gate is interesting, why is it there? What's behind it? Or, why can't we get in? What is it protecting us from? 

But also I tried to imagine what the scene would look and feel like without the iron work.

The second entrance, loved the bedraggled tree.

Then lastly the largest of the three, a massive entrance cut deep into the hillside.

The bits that I keep studying here are the rubble distribution, size and type, also the markings, cracks and strines down the surface round the entrance on the wall above.

Almost a Woodland Scenics looking type rock mold above the opening.  

Finally to the side of the entrance were some fantastic rock formations jutting from the hillside, had to make a record of the them.

Not sure when I will get to use these to inform some work, and can't really be certain if I ever will, but at the moment I definitely intend to. I can see a more detailed rubble wall created from the first set of pictures and possibly a diorama of a dungeon entrance as well from these.

But I am aware that I have a long list of stuff to do on other, half done, projects and lots of making for Luke's APS to complete, so don't expect me to launch into it anytime soon.

Thanks for reading :-)

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